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Fang Ruida film script fragment

Fang Ruida film script fragment
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Fang Ruida film script fragment

Fngruida script works classic clips and compilation 2012v.2.43 revision
version2012 * {2012V2.43 revision, electronic version of Chinese, English bilingual control}.
Editor Mr. Alexander Miss. Adline.
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Fangruida, born in Shanghai in 1950, studied early in Europe and the United States. Scientist, philosopher, thinker, sociologist, anthropologist, writer, dramatist, poet. His main contribution is in the field of natural sciences, superconvex law, high-speed heavy non-chemical fuel rockets and so on. High poly-compound new natural structuralist philosophy, new natural rational structuralism and new social rational structuralism and so on. In addition, Fang Ruida in early and middle and late years, but also created a lot of literary and artistic works, worthy of the classic. Some published a fragment of the work. Fang Ruida engaged in busy natural science research while also spare time to create some literary works, such as painting "fields", poetry and poetry, and then there are many literary and artistic works circulating in the world, the script and so on. Due to space limitations and copyright protection, only representative classic original works can be simply disclosed for readers at home and abroad to enjoy. Although simple, attentive readers can still look out for it. Believe that with the passage of time, these plays or works will be digged out, show in front of the world. Here, mainly to provide directory, script outline, for research. As for the full appreciation, you need more diction, the script includes English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese and so on. Many of Fang Rui Da's dramatic productions are world-wide, and his teenage years have studied 25 languages ​​all over the world, which is very helpful for his study, research and literary creation. His works are mostly romantic and passionate, natural, warm and warm, pure and natural, showing life beauty and natural beauty. He has lived and studied in other countries for many years and has a wide range of experience. Therefore, he has such an idea. For everyone to enjoy. Fang Ruida literary works are not many handed down in the world, his life's main energy is the field of natural sciences and philosophy and social sciences, religion, humanities, which accounted for the vast majority of his life, literary creation, script, novels There are not many poems, paintings, music, etc. Therefore, the selection of compilation of works mostly clips and the like, mainly for everyone to read the product reading. Of course, the selected works are basically famous play. Papers, foreign million words, such as trilogy and the like, masterpieces, but famous masterpiece is not all long masterpiece, the key lies in the content and value of the work. This is the basic purpose of editors, a few words to readers. Fly in the ointment, very sorry. As for the full compilation of the full text of the publication is what happened after the current can only provide these, please forgive me. After editing later made. Congratulations! (Author's signature: Smith (fangruida) was originally published under the pseudonym Smith.) .. English pen name, when Fang Rui Da studying abroad and so on, so the pen name sometimes used this name. In addition, there are other pen names, such as: Mardin, Schmidt, etc.

Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Ruida-Fang, English name: Smith (Frd-Smith English name, Fang Ruida used briefly in Europe and the Americas, including writing, social networking, etc. As a writer and poet playwright, Fang Ruida used many pen name aliases in the past, such as: Hao Ye, Huang Yi, Tang Jiang, Fonda, Martin, Davies, Schmidt, and others. Born in Shanghai on May 13, 1950, the world famous scientists, philosophers, Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Fang Ruida, Ruida-Fang ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ Name: Smith (Frd-Smith English name, Fang Ruida used briefly in Europe and other places, including writing, social networking, and later gradually use the present name.Fang Rui DaAs a writer poet playwright, the past use of the country a lot of pen name aliases, such as: Hao Ye, 葳 蕤, Tang Jiang, Fonda, Martin, Davies, Schmidt, etc.) May 1950 13 Born in Shanghai, world famous scientist, philosopher, thinker, economist, writer, playwright, religious scientist, sociologist, anthropologist, painter, composer, poet, inventor, astronaut scientist, cosmos Scientist
(Editor Mr. Alexander Miss. Adline 2009 Paris Geneva)
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In the spring of the year, just a few youth entrepreneurs in the drama international drama series started their entrepreneurial life and worked hard all over the world. After a series of hardships and failures, they started a new exploration. . . . . . Their lives, work, family, love, their happiness, laughter, pain and confusion, and finally in the stormy sea and finally out of a new world, has achieved fruitful. Business, Industry, Business, Vision, Family, World and the Future. The story takes place in the late 21st century, investors, business tycoons, financiers. . . . . .

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- <> Soprano rural women's drama romance, martial arts, through
<> Script School Life <> Rural life
************************************************** ***************************************************
80's southern country. Several young people elated out of the school gate. Secondary schools have been graduated, with a complex joyful mood, laughing and walking in the fields. The sun has just set off, the birds fly, a golden field. . . . Yan Yin and Xiao Xiao, Lan Lan and Min Min. . . . . Classmate friend, . . . . The twilight of the setting sun shines upon the fields of the earth, setting off their smiling faces. . . . Yan Yin: I still my old idea, go to college chant. Lan Lan: Expansion of enrollment this year, Beijing and Shanghai should expand enrollment. . . . Minmin: Of course, this is good news, it is worth everyone to celebrate. Lanlan: Tomorrow, let's get together to celebrate this great news. Yan Yin: That is, that is. Mr. Liu has already told me. Xiaoxiao: Well, of course. However, I still my little ninety-nine, ready to work Bai. Minmin: You, always working to work, so worthless. The class a few top workers? People have to go abroad to study, the United States, France, Germany, Japan, or Russia, Italy, Rome is what it is. . . . Lan Lan: Is not it, people are running abroad, how old are you? . . . . . The young people talked loudly about the debate.
Fields, stream flowing, birds singing truth. . . . . . . .
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Urban romance, youth idol
<> rural life modern urban and rural life
<> romance, youth idol
-------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------------
************************************************** *****************************************************
<> urban romance (Author signature: Smith (fangruida) was originally published when the pen name Smith.

Lu Sa is about to enter the world famous school, his high school friend and lover Mianna came unexpectedly to his hometown and he separately. Different lifestyles, different interests, family Beijing is not only the same. Close to close when the classmate, and now will soon bid farewell, it is inevitable difficult to distinguish. Youth, friendship or dim love, vague, hidden when the present. . . . . . The story goes back to their teenage years, with their parents having their own experiences. Lu Sa's father is a university professor, his mother is a troupe of actors; Mianna's father is an authentic peasant, the mother is a simple and kind farmer woman. During the Cultural Revolution, two families met by accident. University professors and art troupes cast them down to the countryside. They lived in the barn next door to the Mianner family and were supervised and transformed by the poor and poor middle peasants. At this time, Lu Sa and the first meeting of the Mia Yana both unfamiliar and afraid, two unknown children, each other began to contact and talk.
Mianna: Where did you come from? Lu Sa: me. . I'm from there. Mianna: How far is there? Lu Sa: Well, far and away, take the train need to go day and night, take a car for several days. . . . . . Miana naive smile: Which, take a cart, take a carriage?
Lu Sa: I can not tell. Dad said that thousands of miles it. Mianna: What about your mother? Lu Sa shook his head, fingers pointing to the mother just returned from work in the ground
. Mother rubbed the mud in her hand and smiled and pulled her son in her arms. "Cold? Scurry, look, my mother gave you pick up the wild berries from the ground, come, Nana, you come." . . . . . . . . . .
Mianna's father is the production team leader, warm and welcoming, a few years ago because almost engaged in sideline as a target of criticism in the village and county. Mom is more refreshing, especially like to help others, even when the situation is very serious, but also willing to help others. For the arrival of Lu Sa family, although it is the village arrangement, the couple I did not mind too much, but how many heart some grudges. Especially the era of surging. The village a lot of gossip. These, for the young and ignorant children, it is even more an indescribable pain and suffering.
Childhood adolescents, the initial acceptance of this from their dim memories began. . . . . .

A flash is ten years later, Lu Sa and Mianna have entered the agricultural middle school, and, classmates, the two people's contacts and exchanges deepening with age. Lu Sa's father has returned to the provincial capital as Dean, the mother became a performing artist. Mianna's father became a contract captain, his mother is working in the city. In a construction project, his father was injured, his mother was sick and his family life was in a dilemma. Lu Sa's father helped energetically, while his mother was somewhat annoyed. She is particularly opposed to her son and Mianna's engagement. However, youthful friendship and love are great forces, and the two young people always fall in love with each other. . . . . . New Year's Eve, Lu Sa's home need to recruit a nanny, mom Lu Sa students to help find someone, after twists and turns, finally got it, open the door and looked surprised: turned out to be Mia's mother.

May, flowers bloom. Wild, campfire. "Youth Friendship Waltz".
The teachers and students danced and the lights blinked.
Lu Sa and Mianna gently Man dance.
Lu Sa: The entrance exam soon, are you nervous?
Mianna: A little, but I'm only scared -
Lu Sa: I'm afraid - name down Sun Hill. . . ?
Mianna: Me. . . Some . . Tense, afraid of poor grades, and sometimes eat to sleep. . .
Lu Sa: Do not be so nervous, to relax, relax, relax. . . Otherwise, you will get mental anxiety disorder.
Mianna: Go to you, I'm not that young. . .
Mianna dance some panic, accidentally stepped on Lu Sousa's instep. She was shy: "I'm sorry, I did not mean ..."
Lu Sa: these days should pay close attention to review, I want to study with you at night
Mianna: OK. However, I have other plans, in case. . . . . I have a new choice.
Lu Sa: What choice?
Mianna:. . . . . Guess what?
Lu Sa: Still confidential?
Mianna: Me. . . Now do not want to say, tell you later. . . .
Waltz intense tension, bonfire light up their faces.

<> Adventure adventure <> Palace -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- ************************* ************************************************** ************* <> Urban romance Main characters show JI Lin Xiu sister mother Jilin father who director Ma Xiangchang Zhang County chief Liu Rongrong dishes Ling Lin uproar Snow everywhere, a white mountain world. River village inside and outside completely enveloped in the silvery white snow world. The Lausanne River has frozen near the village, with occasional hurrying pedestrians on the ice. In the distance, the vague snow-capped mountains are hidden. A girl passed by on the frozen river, leaving behind a large backpack, a short slide and a long footprint on the snow. Suddenly, she heard the sound of familiar loud and clear across the face: "show sister, show sister." She glanced at: "Oh, Ji Lin, Ji Lin, I'm here." Ji Lin burly, grabbed the show sister : "Alright you, finally took you back ..... you see, how much snow under it, ..." show sister: God made silly chanting, waiting for you to let it close your eyes , It is obediently good. Ji Lin puff laugh; look you say, how can I have that god ah. This is the Lausanne river that sends heavy water in summer, and I have enough to choke down the river. In the winter, it has changed face again. . . . . Show sister: Jilin, the village is enough for your busy business, and quickly say, I'm gone these days, do not know yet. Jilin: We are all ready for the winter, the greenhouse has long been well, and, every household, have a lot of reserves, everything is no problem. Show sister: Where, the village of Liu's father Jidou Jidou house: long been repaired, the township Lixiang County Magistrate Zhang County magistrate also personally sent winter tragic coat, returned to the elderly home on electric heating. . . Go quickly, the village has set a new stage, the Spring Festival Huan Lian soon to start. Show sister: Great Qilin: The county theater dedicated down until the fifteenth show sister: Well, let's go faster. . . Snow fluttering. A distant, bright or dark light. . . . . . . . Wilderness. Early spring fields. Ice slowly melts. The annual Spring Festival, stage. Country music came from time to time. Villagers men, women and children, gathered in the stage. Red Banner "River Village Spring Festival Gala." Music: the first lunar month fifteen red light. Loudspeakers came the show's voice: "Folks, River Village Spring Festival Gala is about to begin soon, we will start ..... Clan Ancestral Hall. Exterior, people are in front of the village affairs propaganda column to see the red Notice. Village Head Primary School ******************************************** ************************************************** * ------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- "Green grass cottage" rural life, International Life "" Landslide Flowers "" Rural Life, .------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ------- ******************************************* ************************************************** ** "dragonfly butterfly gently fly >> Summary of metropolitan romance story A few strange young people came to the metropolis, they come from all directions, with the northern water town of Hainan Island and the northwest. College students, entrepreneurs, doctors returning from studying abroad, and working villagers ... they Live here, started a tense and dynamic romantic life of colorful and colorful, they are full of passion, longing for happiness, love and a better future ................. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- During the Spring Festival, the train was rapidly running in the vast land. A girl was looking out the window in the train compartment. A young man Men carrying a big suitcase hurriedly stood in front of her ... Male youth: where is the space? The girl glanced at him casually, did not answer .. Male youth: Excuse me, here can .... girl nodded smile: please. Young men: Thank you Girl: You're welcome, the train is flying Trees, villages, rice fields, bridges, tunnels, roads, rivers ... Paris, the airport Huang Yaoming farewell to Diana, who had come. Anthony Wong: Thank you very much Diana: (French) You're welcome, I have to go to Hong Kong in a few days, we will meet there. Anthony Wong: Hong Kong may change, I will pick you up at the airport. ** ************** ************************************************** ***************************** "Bai Yushu" (Author signature: Smith (fangruida) was originally published when the pen name Smith. Classical ballet romance mythology fairy tales classic love ballet Synopsis, the original script synopsis. Theatrical performance is a stage performance that can be expanded into a screensaver for ease of performance and audience appreciation. Original screenplay includes theme music, theme dance, concerto interlude. Noctilucent pride of the forest, flowers 萋 萋. Forest at dusk, gurgling streams, Choi Ha sky. Wisteria winding tree, dance. . . . . The first scene of the first Lotus Lake. Hunter sea power step and princess Corolla solo. The first act of the second devil Hals and Witch Anlida, planning plot conspiracy ecstatic, the sea power step swept house slaves. Luo Pegasus God, the sea God Tarsi learned quickly rushed aid. Princess Corolla to rescue, caught in the clutches. The devil Hals hope to occupy her, Corolla princess angrily witch An Lideya, the witch to make the demon law, the hunter as the bottom of the beard, the princess, regardless of hedging, the devil Hals into the hole. . . . . The third interlude song group dance. Princess solo. The second scene of the first god Luo Peca heard rushed to fight hard to Ha Hars and An Li Deya, nearly deadly, critical moment, Poseidon Tars led the gods together, rescued hunters. . . Unfortunately, panic, the devil hostage Corolla Princess fled to the bottom of the cave, witch was killed. . . The second Halle and Corolla princess solo. Hals hoarse roar, threatened to kill the princess, the hunter secretly came to rescue the princess, the devil to make the demon law, and the two bound, the moment of distress, Hunter Jizhongshengzhi, get rid of magic, the devil Hals bound, Devil dog jumped the wall, outstretched claws, trying to kill the two. . . . At this time, god, Poseidon, a bloody battle. . . . . After the end of a fierce battle, the forest started a new noisy. Birds fly, beasts jump. Hunter hugs the princess, group dance. God of god Poseidon, gods group dance. Chen Hui, morning glow, butterflies flying. ************************************************** ********************************************* "" Tang Hua Yan 舂 " Film and television script, Wang Anshi change of history, the Northern Song Dynasty. "Qin Huai River legend" legendary history, costume script ---------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- *************** ************************************************** ******************************* "Moonlight Twilight" romance, international life ---------- Youjia University Ph.D. Sverre University teacher. Matisse Doctoral of theology Habu students, computer experts, network company president. Anas project manager Kelly nightclub owner. Cem employees. Vera manager secretary. Leah hotel lady. A grand international seminar is taking place on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. Excellent:. . . . . The new world has brought new changes. Unimaginable, an immature nation can lead the trend and the world. Therefore, mankind should first enlighten the development of rationality in order to meet and participate in great changes. This is true regardless of politics, economy, military affairs, religion, culture, science and technology. The crowd applauded. Excellent: ---- the earth is round, life is blue ocean. . . . . Humans are still in their childhood and Olympic games. The audience seated on the grandstand applauded. Youjia and Vera are applauding athletes. Boxing field. Kelly and Haberu unfold their boxing. Two people attack each other. At this time, the provisional judge Si Weier shouted: pause, pause. Sverre: Already a few rounds, regardless of the outcome. Seaside, yachts. People are surfing. Holiday villa office. Several young people are chasing waves by the sea, the beach Vera is playing the sun. At this time, excellent good drilling from the sea, and even shouted: Villa, Villa. . . . Vera ran to the beach, rushed to the sea. . . . University campus. Outside the library on the grass. Unusual chess competition is fierce. Youjia and a world master battle. Referee: 1.1. Vera on the sidelines, indicating excellent good stiffening. Good waved his hand. The mess on both sides. . . . Car, horse icon, soldier, queen. . . . . church. The wedding is in progress. "wedding March". Matisse, Haber and others are congratulating the newcomer, the priest solemnly announced. . . . . Participate in the wedding guests, flowers and flowers will be dipped to Youjia and Villa. Youjia dressed in a suit and dressed in wedding vera hand slowly out of the church. . . . Wedding ball. Guests are dancing. -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------- * Flowers Rose Garden International Life ********************************************** ************************************************ Urgent accident . . . . . He hastily left the town hall and got on the plane and returned directly to the headquarters of the International Organization. Switzerland, Geneva. International Organization Headquarters. Wells is in an emergency call with the relevant personnel: We have received urgent notification from your country and are in urgent discussions with the nuclear experts. The specific emergency plan has been issued. In order to assist your rescue efforts, the international aid team is ready to go and follow-up support is implemented immediately. Secretary: Countries have dispatched rescue teams and have arrived on the scene as soon as possible. Wells: Atomic energy experts arrive right away. Secretary: This is the list of aid organizations in various countries, as well as from the embassies of various countries. . . . . There are the United States, China, Russia, the European Union, the United Nations, India, Arab, Africa, Australia, Latin America, the Middle East. . . . . Wells: Informed atomic energy experts, starting with the plane at night. Christmas, evening hours, lights, fireworks silver flower. People are elated, celebrating Christmas. TV screen, the earthquake tsunami triggered a nuclear reactor crisis rolling news. . . Huge wave, an instant, rushed to the coast, break through the seawall, houses dumping, many people swallowed by the waves swallowed, many people struggling in the waves, called for help, shouting. . . . People stop to watch the news, people light candles and pray for the victims. Rescue teams from various countries, aid organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and volunteers from all over the world. . . . . . Have lend a helping hand. . . . . Coast, choppy, surf monstrous. Nuclear power plant. Guests from all over the world are dancing frequently. . . . . . Sweden. Stockholm. Nobel Prize ceremony is being held. The Nobel laureate is delivering a warm speech: "... Dear teachers, gentlemen, peace in the world, the sustainable development of the world economy, and the continuous improvement and improvement of human rights in the world are the cornerstones of the human world The eternal topic is also the three major goals and purposes of the United Nations. Peace and war, war and peace, economic development, economic development, human rights protection and human rights protection are the unshakable ideas of the human world ....... " The audience suddenly sounded applause. . . . . . Invited guests to attend the award ceremony full seats. Wells Suddenly Received an Emergency Fax From International Organizations and Global Earthquake Tsunami Forecast Center: An Earthquake and Tsunami in Certain Area, Atomic Energy Reactors Tackled "Flower in the Rose Garden" International Live (by Smith (fangruida)) When the pen name Smith.) "The play is based mainly on earthquakes and other volcanic eruptions in various countries in the world and other natural disasters created, including a major nuclear accident, dam collapse, the author of the art processing and creation. The tsunami in Indonesia, the tsunami earthquake in Japan, the Wenchuan earthquake in China, the Chilean earthquake, the Chernobyl nuclear accident, and the Muli Island nuclear accident. In the United Kingdom, Dai Dekai Reservoir cracked in the water and resulted in over 250 deaths, 800 houses destroyed. In 1889, the United States Johnston reservoir flood collapse collapse, 4000-10000 deaths. In 1959, a settlement collapse occurred in the Fantula Reservoir in Spain, killing 144 people. > Main appearance characters ---------------------------------------------- ------------- Wells International Secretary-General. Lusco International Rescue Organization expert. Cary Nuclear Physics Scientist Anna. Luis Carly fiancee, secretary of international organizations. Geelitre Nuclear Power Station is responsible

people. Rustra Nuclear Power Plant Engineer. Vigna nuclear power station staff. Carl Morof International Atomic Energy experts. Rafildsky Earthquake Specialist. Earthquake tsunami prediction center director. Bai Di Sibal Yang Jianfeng International Rescue captain. Gallava India Andrey Russia Akino Japan Zaid Arab Abu Tom Organization staff of the International Organization of African Affairs, diplomatic officials of various countries, international aid workers, the International Committee of the Red Cross and more. In the exotic country, world leaders and business leaders are attending the most important international conferences. The conference included the important political figures of various countries, the important UN resolutions on the control of the world's nuclear arsenals and the international treaties on the prevention of nuclear proliferation. The Secretary-General of the International Organization spoke with leaders of various countries in exchange for their own opinions and opinions. . . . . . At the same time, in the suburbs of the metropolis, deep in the beach, an accident at the nuclear reactor took place and a thrilling rescue began. . . . . Waves surging, the tsunami accompanied by a powerful earthquake waves impact the entire earth. . . . . . Atomic energy expert and nuclear physicist Professor Cary stumbled into the reactor shell alone. . . . . . Anna, the secretary of the International Congress, was shocked by the emergency report and the special report of the international agencies. . . . . . His fiancé Cary is already in serious danger and nuclear reactors are in great danger. She hastened to send a fax to the podium of the General Assembly. . . . -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -"rainbow. cloud. fog. Xia. Rain "youth idol romance" bridge. Water. People "modern rural life" Grand Canyon Adventures "thrilling, exciting, international life" green grass "youth idol. Romance campus life. ---------------------------------------------- #### ################################################## ######################################## ----- "Daming Palace style En Chou Ji Historical court drama. (The script is based on Fang Ruida historical novel of the same name. Basic to follow the original) ************************************* ************************************************** *********Ming Dynasty. Trainer Hu Yujie collusion Yuba Jia Bao, wanton framed Zhongliang Liang Zhuo. Liang Zhuo Xiang Ming Huang Hu Hujie reported accepting corrupt bribes, Hu's grandchildren Juan, two Princess Hu Lei, grab male male tyrant, oppress the people. Liang Zhuobo son of Liang Zhuo redress, but was Wushi and East factory West factory retaliation, Liang Hui Bo escaped deep forests on the way, was Greenwood hero Hamar rescued. Fishing tyrants Guabo want to seize Nguyen seven farmland, fishing boats, and collusion hu Juan Hu Lei seize the daughter of Nguyen Lao seven Xiaoyu, were Liang Hui Bo and Damma killed. Hu Yujie and Dongxi Plant leaders together surround and fight Liang Hui Bo and Damma. Liang Zhuo was arrested, Liang Zhuo save his father, was arrested East and West into the prison. Xiao Yuan righteousness, hearing the information clever trick, stolen the factory's life, will be reshufe Liang Hui, the two fled together Green Hill, into the ranks of the rebel. After Liang Zhuo was killed, the Ming emperor learned that Hu Yujie was executed at a later date and the things factory leaders were killed by the Rebel. . . . . . Daming Palace precarious, uprising throughout the country. . . . . Legendary exciting, plot ups and downs, exciting. The faint of the emperor, the evil of the evil spirits, the goodness of the loyalists, the fierce tyranny of the fishing tyrants, the brutal vengeance of the stuff factories, the heroic courage of the Rebel, the wisdom and courage of Liang Hui-bo and the great righteousness and affection of Xiao-yuan. . . . . Clearly obvious. The script demonstrates all aspects of court politics and social life in China in the Ming Dynasty. The main line is based on the love and hate between Liang Zhuo and his son Hu and others. . . . . Liang Zhuo main court appearances minister, more than 50 years old. Hu Yujie courtier in his 50s. Ming emperor more than 60 years old. Liang Hui Bo Liang Zhuo son more than 20 years old. Xiaoyuan Hu Yujie daughter more than 20 years old. Damma green forest hero, volunteer leader. 40 years old. Jia Bao fishing tyrants, village tyrants. 40 years old. Nguyen seven fishermen. More than 50 years old. Xiao Yu Nguyen seven of 16 years old. Lao iangnu Spring Garden brothel old 鹁 head. More than 30 years old. Hu Juan Hu Yujie son nicknamed "Hu big wolf" more than 30 years old. Hu Lei Hu Yujie second son nicknamed "Hu Leopard" 20s. Chai Dachang head outside the "black snake gall." More than 30 years old. Big crab East factory leader, said "three wolves" more than 40 years old. Officers and soldiers. Chen Guan fishermen Palace, the public and so on. ################################################## #################################### -------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- "Fall season" urban romance "blooming wilderness" rural life "dragonfly nabi lightly" big Urban romance "Sequoia Tree" movie and television scenes touching classic love story, the film, the plot is charming, joys and sorrows, romantic and passionate, stirring more jump, catchy dizziness. "Ming style Vengeance Chronicles" video, martial arts erotic, wonderful never Huan. Heavy and simple, flashy, colorful variety of colors, immortal priests, temple boxer, chivalrous Fengqing, interpretation of human love, unconventional, unique and wonderful dancer ', legendary martial arts, children and women. . . . The story of "Hongyun misty rain" shows the lives, love and times of several youths in China from the 1920s to the 1930s, and interweaves many historical events and common life tastes. ************************************************** ********************************************* "Send you 13 Rose "(Author's signature: Smith (fangruida) was originally published under the pseudonym Smith.) Modern youth life, romance and full of life and distinct and unique sense of the times, youth, life, realism, quite artistic appeal and creation Power, romantic and passionate. International life. In the beautiful cloisonne lake, a grand joyful Christmas ball is being held. Night, flowers, fireworks silver flower. Christmas tree Cui Luo open. Santa Claus, Snow White. . . . . Merry Christmas dance melodiously floating in the night sky. Children chase running in the snow. . . Prince Ariane and Prince Fueh appeared before the crowd, and people cheered warmly. . . . . "Bird flying mangroves" modern rural youth life, career, friendship, love, family, field, spring, cottage, business, mountains and rivers. . . . . . . . . ################################################## ################################################# Fields Flying Cuckoo "modern agriculture theme, the development of the rural wealthy, thick life strong, many characters lifelike, delightful flowers dotted the meantime, mixed with many shocking stories and love. The main appearance characters ---------------------------- Cuoguoxi village youth, agricultural college back from agriculture as a technician. Yang Xiaolin 涴 Creek Village become rich hand, planting large. After the village head. Yun Xun village youth. Village medical nurse. Field two Miao individual transporter. Small sea 涴 Creek Village youth, brother of cloth valley. Hu Haigen old farmers money money trick. Horse artillery village cadres. Tian Fugui Nanpancun Mayor. Liang Jiarui mayor. A Ying Bugu's mother. Old village Yang Xiaolin's father. Liu County magistrate. Meimei primary school teacher, Yang Xiaolin's sister. Dr. Calder is a professor of foreign agronomy. Cadelin manager of foreign agricultural technology company, once with cloth valley abroad to study and training. Golden autumn, Jiangnan presents a beautiful scenery. Sui River, river running, birds of paradise.涴 Creek Village. Rose garden, all kinds of bright flowers. An undulating wave of wheat fields, 稲 嵇 growing gratification. Melodious crisp singing: high green mountains, clear water, beautiful fields, fertile land Golden wheat Blink golden light, Valley of the Valley Climbing in the singing of the fragrance of the orchard, the vast ranch Winding road The new plant Trinidad Wonderful miles, ah, lovely home, lovely home My heart children fly with you to the distant lovely home, lovely home My heart children fly with you to the distance ---------- Village Elementary school classroom. Lang Lang read the children came the sound: Tian leisure, May people twice as busy. Night wind from the south, wheat covered Long Yellow. Meimei was reading aloud with the children. Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared out of the window of the classroom. She turned a little and looked out of the window. Mei Mei hurried out of the classroom: what are you doing? Sea whispered: a fairy grandmother, far heard your voice ------- Tian leisure, May people twice as busy. Night wind from the south, wheat covered Long Yellow. Mei Mei; quick to say something serious. . . . . . Xiaohai: Just now I heard Nanfang Village, Tian Fugui, saying that we also want to expand the township agricultural demonstration area, adding a few acres of arable land ,,,,, Mei Mei: Great, my brother is more looking forward to . . . Xiaohai: Yesterday, I went to the county trip, happened to see the liu county magistrate. He praised your brother on the one hand, saying that he is a wealthy expert in the county, planting big. . . . . . Meimei: Okay, okay, I still have to go to school and go home and say it again. . . . . Do not forget we catch up tomorrow, at six o'clock in the big theater temple East meet. Xiao Han laugh, waved away. County government compound. Office building room, noisy. Mayor Liu is chairing the county agricultural demonstration field commendation ceremony. Liu County Magistrate: Now, please Yang Xiaolin Tan Village speak to talk about the rich experience. . . . . . With applause, Yang Xiaolin embarked on the meeting: folks, since Mr. Liu asked me to say a few words, then I will say a few words. . . . Meeting room outside. Bugu is watching the talking Yang Xiaolin. Unexpectedly, someone covered her hands with both hands. Bush Valley: Who, do not affect other people's meetings. She looked back, joked: ah, you wow. Scared me. Mummified: Cuckoo sister, which gust you blowing? You come to the county government, you go to study abroad it? Cloth hee hee smile: just off the plane in the morning, immediately went to the county. Just ran into the county agricultural demonstration field promotion commendation conference, you see, all covered with red color hung, really lively, I can not come? Trunk: Look at what you said, really. . . . . . Right, cloth Gujie, you must stay in the county back this time, you can have a lot of useless. . . . . Besides, to the age of marriage, can not miss this opportunity 嚒. Many people want to work in the county, they do not have your eyes ah. . . . Cloth Valley: Do not talk nonsense, a little noise, okay? Liu County Office. Liu County Magistrate: Cuckoo ah, this time you come back, after repeated studies in the county that you stay in the county engaged in agricultural technology more appropriate. Secretary Huang specifically mentioned you so that you will be in charge of agricultural technology and work out specific arrangements. . . . . . Bush Valley: The decision of the county leadership, of course, I must obey. However, I think it is better for me to go to work now, for example. . . . Liu Magistrate thought: that is also, I have had such an idea. However, there are indeed too few women cadres like you. . . . Your opinion and request, the county can be considered. . . .涴 Creek Village Council. Sui Village agricultural demonstration field planning map before. Several village cadres and several veteran youth are referring to it. Village cadres: Yes, it is here, Ferris wheel, repair a few terraces; there, after the mountain ridge, and then transform a few hundred acres of saline land. . . . Villagers: all made irrigated, large area sprinkler irrigation. . . . Cited 涴 streams, a good idea farmer: Here, the Aeolus Temple over there, yes, yes, there, in addition to the new villagers residential buildings, but also save dozens of acres of arable land. . . . . Horse cannons: Do not look at this mountain that mountain, we 涴 Creek Village may not have so much land, but also save what? Besides, the township and the province developers, yes, and Hong Kong, Taiwan, what the United States, France, Russia's big boss, right, big boss, come to Taka River to invest in the construction of what the scenery Tourist area, what is the summer resort. . . . . Youth: Horse cannons, Mountain Resort, do you know where it is? It is in Chengde, the Qing emperor summer summer place. . . . Horse cannons: Right, right, who is right, summer resort is. . . Yes . . . Is the Qing emperor summer summer place, look at me, confused friends. . . . Ha ha ha ,,,, Small sea: confused, you do not talk nonsense. . . Field two seedlings: horse cannons, and then run around, beware of others cut your bad tongue. . . Horse artillery: Oh, you these Wazi, mouth can be really powerful, think of the beginning, my horse artillery went to all corners of the country, you guys, you are still Niangzuli turn fine. Humph. . . . . Horse cannons go away. Just go out, hit the rush rush to the cloth valley. Horse artillery surprised: ah, it is you, cloth valley, what time to come back? Bush Valley: Horse Accounting, what are you doing? Horse cannons: This is not, beam headmaster layout, agricultural demonstration field planning, planning, ready to engage in dozens of acres, no, no, engage in a few hundred acres. . . Public: cloth valley. Bugu. Cloth Valley: This trip to River Creek, to live a few days more. Let me make the county town agricultural Demonstration project. Horse cannons: Well wow, cloth valley, you have to live a few more days. Bugu: 涴 Creek Village mu standard field plan is very good, we must come up with a down-to-earth, can not put flowers shelves, to work out. Right, this is the book I brought back from the province, agricultural technical manuals, and the seedlings introduced from abroad, we will soon introduce. . . . . Field two Miao: Shashi time to species that way? Bugu: In the village at night to open training, but also for cable television broadcast in the county. ################################################## ######################################## "Flower Rose Garden" international life and international Life drama. Love and International Love The story of Hongyunxiaxiayu shows the lives, love and love of the youth in the 1920s and 1930s as well as the times. Many historical events and common life sentiments are interweaved. -----------------------------

############################ ################################################## ############### "The sky of clouds, the sea of ​​water" ------------------------- Story Occurred in the period before and after the Revolution, late Qing Dynasty. Major General XinJun battalion commander (post of commander, post commander (battalion Commander, the new army in the late Qing Dynasty) Pan Shigang hurriedly returned to the hometown of Jiangnan to visit the long-awaited parents and unmarried wife Ah Yin, who knows the way home Even unexpected things happened: at the ferry terminal, several police officers and police officers were hunting for a young woman .Pan Shigang not too much consideration, immediately pull the gun to save .At the head of the fat police chanting, screaming , While blowing a siren: "Seize her and seize her, she is a revolutionary party, she is a revolutionary party." Pan Shigang stopped fat police officer's way, fat police officers wanted to anger, take a closer look, this comeback is not small, Hurried to accompany laughed: "I dare to ask, yes, yes ......." Pan Shigang sneered: "arrest people do not look at the hour, but do not let her run ...." In the distance shooting: "Run over there and go chase and chase fast." After the police and the police quickly chased after it, Pan Shigang quickly chased the other side and the crowd on the pier was in chaos. Pan Shigang found behind the cargo box Woman who has been injured She rattled the ground, but she was out of her body and fell back to the ground .Pan Shigang lifted her up and hurriedly hid in a library with her. "You - you are ....." "Do not ask I was ----- "Sirens loudly ringing, fat officer is screaming shouted:" What? Let her run, you, you guys, really a bunch of barrels, and even a pussy could not catch Go back and give you a few accounts. "Several police quickly laughed and said:" Sheriff, there are things to say, the last time the twins are not slipped under your noses, and this time back .... " "No fucking bullshit, fast to me inside and outside search." Beach. A fishing boat. Waves rolling. Pan Shigang dressing bandage wounds for women. "An old man said:" Gang Gang, everything is arranged, and out Haikou, Hong Kong, then there will be some people cited. You rest assured. "Pan Shigang:" Zhao Daddy, then I thank you too much. She was also unconscious, be sure to send the sea soon, or, A red There will be life-threatening. "A few years ago, France Notre Dame de Paris And Ahong had briefly met. The secret meeting of the Alliance was undergoing tension. Pan Shigang received a directive asking him to return home secretly and take the opportunity to enter the new army. A-strong, chief of the Allied Association, told him: "Now that the revolutionary parties across the country have already started their actions, The Qing dynasty will soon fall apart.You go back this time, mainly to guide the organization of armed uprising, the mutiny, the organization there are many people with your action code of action "Red Rose", must be kept confidential Guangzhou Uprising, Qiu Jin things up, We have sacrificed many comrades, including their actions, so after careful study, we decided to send you back to complete this important operation. In addition, we would like to invite a woman lady to assist in your actions. "Pan Shigang: "Yes, she, both civil and military, gun law is accurate, can be said to be a hundred paces." "Reliable?" "She is also a military officer graduated from school, or Japan's top non-commissioned officers school it." At this time, a Slender and beautiful girl appeared in front of him. She is a red. Army officer school. A red and the league's officers and Bing is secretly meeting. A red: "This is today's newspaper, and the Qing government arrests people everywhere." Officers and soldiers steal private advice. An officer: "The next step should be how to do?" Another officer: "Lin instructors, you said that we have a change in the current plan of action?" A red: "Red Rose action to continue. Must grab in front of the enemy, do Ready for the armed uprising. "Islands. Pan Shigang and A red laughing on the beach. Seabirds flying in the distance. Sky of clouds, the sea of ​​water, blue sea and blue sky, looking at the End of the World Road, the sky, the vast expanse of love, cut constantly, when can we meet? Sky of clouds, sea of ​​clouds of water, sea of ​​blue water blue sky, the sky of love, sky blue, sea blue sea waves, the four Chung Yong, thousands of sails volume Juan Lan. Sky of clouds, the sea of ​​blue water blue sky, looking across the horizon sky blue, blue sea like the sea, where the dream of long, long, long tears? Love like the sea, tears flow, where the moon and then round again? Pan Shigang: "I heard you have not married?" A red: "What, you?" Pan Shigang: "Well, I have long been engaged, and other activities will be held after the wedding." A red: "Do not dare to dare me." A red; "Last meeting in Paris, people think you are still a person ....... To Japan, did not hear you say that with a fiancee .... "Pan Shigang;" It's a secret organization, of course I can not tell you, even my parents do not know. " Sea, waves. blue sea, blue sky. Barracks. Pan Shigang room. Simple bed, wall hanging banners. "Essay article, a boat Rong clothing." Pan Shigang and Ahong Aqiang and others are meeting. Pan Shigang: "The situation in the world has developed rapidly. Although the European powers do not express any obvious objections to Sun Yat-sen's claim, they still have unrealistic fantasies about the Manchu people, who are short-sighted and need only to protect their interests in China. Therefore, , Neither willing to contribute, not willing to come forward against the Manchu dynasty .... ". A-Qiang: "They nominally supported Mr. Sun, secretly engaging with the Manchu government, and therefore can not fantasize about them. Only by mobilizing the people can we strengthen our power." "So:" A red : "To save hundreds of millions of our compatriots in dire straits, we must mobilize the masses of workers and peasants to succeed in the revolution." Pan Shigang: "In a few days, Huang Xing will come and give concrete guidance and wisdom to our next move." Jiangnan Countryside. Music "Choi Chasing the Moon" sound. Ah Yin home. Ah Yin is rice. A villager quickly ran to: "Ah Yin, just letter from the moment." Ah Yin: "You miss me, what's the good news?" Village Guizuan said: "..... As the military is busy, the troops I have been called, I temporarily can not go back to visit their relatives. I hope you take care of yourself. "Ain was surprised to tears out" Argus, when you can come back. "Ah Yin mother:" This child, this child, .... Ah Yin, my mother 's hardship when I can stay up? "Ah Yin mother weeps. Beijing, foreign embassies. European and American ambassadors are whispering. Manchu officials embarked. Adjutant: "We have already expressed our government's position that we will not interfere and we will only need to protect our interests in China ... Otherwise, diplomats attach:" For your country's politics, But much care, our heads only care about everything we do ..... we will not get involved in your conflict. " The Manchu official continued: "On behalf of the Qing government, I am very satisfied with your position and will satisfy other conditions as long as you do not interfere in the internal affairs that will not interfere with the Qing government." Ambassador smiled and raised his glass: Your diplomatic speech is very beautiful and will make all of you here intoxicated. "Adjutant:" It is a consistent practice for us to remain neutral, and we are always suspicious of whether or not the revolutionary party can take control of the situation. "Ambassador:" We still intended and large The Qing government dealt with, for example, Yuan Shikai, a pivotal figure in China. "In the late afternoon. Glittering ballroom. Pan Shigang drink while watching the watch. At this time, several casual wear spy into the ballroom. Plain clothes A: "Must be pegged to him, can not let him run." A strong and A red dress stylish into the ballroom. Plaincloth B: "It's her." Then a clothing A: "Fast, stare at her, one should not let go." Plainclothes C: "One can not run." A red plainclothes track, indicating A Qiang go away. Pan Shidou hurriedly welcomed it. Uniform clothing A: "You are not Pan instructors? More elegant forget things, please." Pan Shigang stretched arms to hold a red arm. Plaincloth B: "Slow, we have to search." Poon Likang: "What to search? Bastard." A slap hit him on his face. Plaincloth B: "You, you, you, what is it, I kill you." He just fired the gun, Pan Ligang haha ​​smiled, smoothly and slap in the face, played plain-clothes shouting. He was garrison Pan Yingchang, you really blind dog eyes, looking for bitter eating. "He quickly laughed:" Pan instructors , Angry .This brother is not long-term, actually offended the Executive ... ... "He turned to A red:" The lady, may I ask .... "Pan Shigang:" He is my special dance partner, just from Italy back. "Uniformed, repeatedly lose laughter. "Sir, we are also on official business." He whispered to Pan's ear: "The boss orders and scrutinizes the suspects." The Revolutionary Party has been rampant in recent days, saying what red roses and white roses must act in strict precautions. Pan suspicion of members of the revolutionary party, killing regardless. "Pan Shigong derided and asked:" Look, I like it? The lady like? "Uniform clothing:" Where, where is a misunderstanding. A lot of implication. " Dance music sounded. Cloud of days, sea of ​​water. . . . Pan Shigang and A red dancing, winning a round of applause. Pan Shigang: "Thank you for your love, I am honored to be invited to today. I thank you very much once again for all the rewards. Today, all of you here are celebrities, full of high spirits and thank you very much." Turning to the public: "Sorry, just happened A little ball, everyone happy, do not bother. Gentleman: "In the morning, the police station and the Qing government issued a circular saying that the rebellion of the chaos in Wuchang could take it seriously? Celebrities echoed: "The court and the emperor, whether to send troops to suppress? "" Will we mutiny here too? Pan Shigang: "calm, calm. Everything will not happen. My brethren will come forward, protect the Qing, protect you. "A red:" If so terrible, Pan dare to dignitaries here banquet, held a grand ball to wash my dust. Applause and applause: "Miss Red said very much, the remark is very. Messire priests, Hugh think. Dance accompanied the theme song ringing the ballroom. Outside the library flower beds. A red is reading newspapers. Pan Shigang also read the book. Two whispered softly. A red: "This is a map of red rose action, as well as the armory The internal deployment map, "Pan Shigang:" must be accurate, otherwise, will pay a great sacrifice. "A red:" What the revolution, but also not bleeding? This action, I must attend. Pan Shigang: "I do not agree with your choice. ""why? "This operation is very dangerous. "What, you? "" Me, I am front-line command, but also when deserters? "Of course, I know it." However, I will not ------- "" Bullets and shells without long eyes. . . . "Ah red:" I have long eyes, will not necessarily not. Pan Shigang: "No, this is the organization's decision and must be obeyed." "Ah red:" I have already prepared, Argus, this action, I must attend. Pan Shigang ponder: "Let me think about it again, I look back to them and then look at it, to the final decision. "A red gratified him hugged.The two looked at each other.Pan Shigang:" A red, I hope you can live to see the victory of the day. "A red:" I also hope you can live, to welcome the arrival of victory. Pan Shigang: "After the victory, I will hold a grand wedding. A red, you must attend. "A red:" I must, I must attend. "Ah red eyes moist:" In case, if I can not participate, "she choked:" You bless her for me. . . . . "Pan Shigang:" You must be sure to participate, participate. . . . "The two hugged each other warmly and kissed each other .... The theme of music Cloud of the sky, the water of the sea .... Cloud of heaven, the sea of ​​blue water blue sky, looking at the End of the World Road, gray, Shear constantly, when can we meet? The clouds of the sky, the sea of ​​clouds of water, the sea of ​​blue water blue sky, the sea of ​​blue sky, blue sky, sea blue sea waves, four sea, thousands of sail competition Volume Ju Lan. Clouds, the sea of ​​blue water blue sky, looking at the End of the World sky blue sky, sea blue, love like the sea, tears and dreams where the moon and then round? Love like the sea, tears flow, where dreams in the moon again? Beijing , The Forbidden City .Taihe Temple .LongyuThe Empress, carrying 沣And civil and military ministers are discussing countermeasures. Insiders come to report: "Yuan to come to the audience. "Contained:" The early years of the suppression of the Taiping Empress in Empress Dowager Cixi was relied on by Zeng Guofan and others like the First Army of the Hunan Province. But today, the fighting strength of the eight-banner children has been almost exhausted, the state treasury is empty, lack of forage, what is it? " Significantly different phenomenon. "Contains 沣:" Eight Banners are all descendants of the court, how to rebel fears? Dare to be your men, you have to check and do as soon as possible. "Minister:" Sun Wen chaos party thief, we must eradicate, rushed to kill. "Generals:" There are eight disciples in my banner, Sun Wen chaos thief into no climate. Yuan Shikai trembled: "Which can not but prevent ah. Carry soda sneer: "Qing empire rock solid, Sun Wen chaos party. . . . Ha ha ha, 蚍 蜉 shake trees easier said than done. Afraid of it, I'm afraid interracial army horse different heart. . . . . "Yuan Shikai terrified:" Where, Yuan loyal to the court, die indifferent. Small station camp soldiers, but also care Daqing Hongfu, my men and horses are not afraid to move, when the nine ethnic groups to report to the court. "Queen Mother, carrying 沣 and all the courtiers could not help but laugh together." loudly said: "Yuan adults, strictly prevent all over to strengthen prevention, cut off the chaos. For the new army, those who are associated with the revolutionary party are killed. You can play back later. "Yuan Shikai Kneel Xie Road:" Sinchen understand that all those who are associated with the revolutionary party, around the corner to kill. "Wuchang uprising a few days .News Newspaper headline: Wuchang chaos party sinful new army insurgency occupied the Warlord House Jiangnan .Pan ShigangAnd all the officers are secret .A soldier came to report;" Wuchang has acted, Changsha, Shanxi also act Woke up. Pan Shigang: "Shanghai has also started its operation. We must act now. According to the current situation changes, we act now. Full implementation of the red rose action. . A red: "The uprising time is set at 10 o'clock tonight, by the New Army infantry battalion and artillery even preempted the armory, the other forces in three echelon, a team occupied the government quickly rushed to the ground, the second team quickly wiped out the remaining Eight Banners And other clear soldiers, three teams work together to prevent the reinforcement of foreign enemies, "Pan Shigang:" Red Rose unchanged. Move faster, to prevent Qing counterattack. "A red;" League will decide, I am responsible for interim command. " After a fierce gunfire. Pan Shigang led the uprising by the New Army rushed to kill. He looks for a red: A red, A red. However, no one answered. Qing defeat, fled around. A Qiang: The enemy has escaped, our troops have occupied the whole city. Pan Shigang excitedly said: "As soon as the whole nation is energized, the revolutionary military government will be established." He finally found Ahong in the flow of flowers. He hugged her tightly and shouted: "A red, A red, is me, is me, you wake up ...." A red slowly opens his eyes: "A Gang, I .... I ... I .... die,

There is in my clothes . Have . . . There is a gift for you and Ash, you must wear it on her hand. . . . . "Pan:" A red, A red, A red. "Pan Shigang:" A red, A red ----- "He red embroidered bag pulled out of his red pocket, slowly opened, which is a golden Ring .... Pan Shigang: "A red, A red, you can not you can not -------" people: "A red, you can not leave us, you can not leave us" A red: "No, I have Very satisfied. I. . . . . I am very happy, a little bit. . . . Not painful. . . . . When I joined the revolution, I was ready to go. . . Ready. . . . . "A red closed his eyes .A total of erection hat erected, silence for her .Pan ShigangA shooter:" Comrades, move on. A few months later, A Yin and Pan Shigang together in the marching ship. Long fleet, the mighty team ..... blue sea, blue sky Miles. Is the whistle, anchored set sail ... The sea, white clouds, blue sky, endless ... Theme music: the sky of clouds, the sea of ​​water, blue sky, looking at the End of the World Road, gray, Acacia endless, shear constantly, what Day to meet? The sky of clouds, the sea of ​​clouds of water, the sea of ​​blue water blue sky, the sea of ​​blue sky, blue sea, sea blue, Aqua blue sky, looking at the End of the World Road blue sky, the sea blue sea like the sea, the tears of the dream where the moon and then round? Love like the sea, tears flow, where dreams in the moon and then round? ###### ################################################## ########################################## -------- -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- "Country landscape poppy" history story drama. Past and present , Historical deduction. ---------------------------------------------- **** ************************************************** ********************************************* ----- -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- "Bonfire on the Amazon" (Author's signature: Smith (fangruida) was originally published when the pen name Smith.) Synopsis: A team of scientists from all over the world will conduct a global study of the natural living environment and will conduct a comprehensive study of the deserts of the Gobi, the Arctic, deserts and oceans in the Gobi Desert to provide human beings with solutions to the natural environment in the world. From the snow-covered Antarctic Research Station to come here, the Expedition crosses the mountains and makes expeditions in the Amazon basin.In the process of studying biodiversity and the natural environment, they underestimated the difficulties and setbacks and failed, There are new discoveries and achievements story mysterious and colorful, interspersed scientist friendship and love life.The main characters - Alvis scientists, professors, Expedition captain. Dr. Obar. Multi-meter scientist. Boris scientist Torah test team with the team reporter, photographer. Annie expedition team member Dr. Hu Hai. Lena expedition team members. Jesse expedition members, explorers. Ivanov Scientist. Halosuo expedition team members. Fraunhofer team team doctor. Hassan expedition team members. Uno Chien ex-team members. Ramcoe team guide. -------------------------------------------------- - CERN. Domi is talking to a few experts. Many meters: In a few days, the expedition will come back from Antarctica. Lena: I heard that I'm going to the Andes, the Amazon. . . Phone suddenly remembered. Dami: I am. . . Yes, it is me. . . what . . . . The day after tomorrow to report. Lena: Oh, that's great. . . . Let's go together. Bethlehem. Scientific expedition members in the tour. Antarctic expedition station. Snowy, white world. Expedition team members flew in a snowmobile. The towering Andes, rugged mountain trail, expedition team members are rapidly crossing the highway of death. Amazon rainforest. Expedition team members in the swamp difficult. The Amazon, the beautiful scenery, flowers in full bloom. Expedition team campfire camp held, sweet music came from time to time. Myrtle, laurel, palm, acacia, rosewood, brazil fruit and rubber tree. Mahogany and Amazon cedar. Wild animals jaguar, manatee, jackal, red deer, capybara and many rodents, monkeys and more. Expedition team members enjoy the beautiful natural landscape. Alves: Some experts estimate that there are over 75,000 trees and 150,000 higher plants per square kilometer, including 90,000 tons of plant biomass. Annie: One fifth of the world's birds live in the Amazon rainforest. Lena: So beautiful, so beautiful. Uno: Amazon, it's great. . . . . The tributaries of the Amazon, flooding, flooding large areas of land. . . . The wide river passes by. A few people flew by the river in the turbulent flies. It turned out that science expedition team in the torrent of marching. . . . In the thick rain forest, they spent an unforgettable sleepless night. A few days ago, they just came out from the Takla Desert, where they conducted simulations of human landing on Mars and landing on Jupiter satellites. . . . . . In the Arctic, in the Antarctic, in the glacier, in the desert, in the ocean, on the cliffs, in the Gobi Desert, in the primeval forest. . . . . . ################################################## #################################### Blossom Rose Garden international life. "Mars Landing Thesparks landing; Run away death Escape Death Science Adventure"> "Send you 13 roses Send 13 roses to you" <. / "Legend of Qinhuai Man" "" "qinghui brief girllegendry story moonlight dusk", modern life. > "The moonlight dusk Legend of the Hill" <. "Corn poppy", the story of history>. "The red leafs" "ballet suit . " rainbow. cloud. Fog Xia. Rain, "modern youth drama. "Bonfire on the Amazon" (International Living, South America) "Spring Breeze Blows Through the Fields" "The novel" The compfire of close and solid in the YAMAsoN's-side "Bai Yasu" <Legend of Love >. -------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- * ************************************************** ************************************************** "Modern rural life drama." "" Bridge. Water. People "vines winding pastoral" (European and American drama), "shrubs in the fence," "international life of modern drama." "The sky of clouds, the sea of ​​water" "international love life drama" "Qinhuang Han Zu" "historical drama". "Willow Bay" "agricultural themes, modern life drama." "Bonfire on the Amazon River", International Life "Mountains covered with tender colors" "International Youth Life, Stage Book" "A Place A Few Steps Away" (International Expeditionary Life), ******** ************************************************** **************************************** Bridge people "(Author signature: Smith (Fangruida) was originally published when the name of Smith.) The main characters -------------------- A color maple Qiaocun fruit farmers. Old Maple Leaf Allan Fengqiao village youth. Four Man uncle old peasants little root Liugen Jiang Xiaoya Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Choi Mei Ah. Liu Xiangchang Wang Wang, headmaster Professor Ma, Dr. Rosell Jiangnan, water. Fengqiao Village. Feng Xiao River flows slowly around the village and southern town. Twilight vast, drizzle. On the muddy country road, there was a rapid footsteps. A small boat passing slowly, the motor rabbit bunny rang non-stop. Gangster today to go to the village to participate in fruit
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